Welcome to Psyche’s Call!

My name is Donna May and I have developed this website to discuss everything related to Soul. I will be sharing about the various portals of experience in which you can get in touch with your soul calling and to be and live authentically.

Psyche’s Call is the name of my soon to be released book. Many are curious as to why I chose this title for my book and this website. Here’s why: I use Psyche because it is the root of the word psychology – which in Greek means “the study of soul.”

I’ll be honest: I am much better with people and tending dreams than I am with technology. I have kept this website as-is for some time. For those of you who have clicked through from Psyche’s Call Writing Prompts and other emails, I promise to give you even more information here from now on. I am committed to visiting my website more often, to post and share information, stories, writings, and exercises that will act as tools on your own experiential/soul journey.

I am committed to helping you discover, deepen, and dedicate yourself more fully to Psyche’s Call to/for you.There are several core portals, doorways, in which you can learn to notice and heed Psyche’s Call:

  • Dreams
  • Active Imagination/Waking Dreams
  • Art
  • Writing
  • Music
  • Dance/Movement/Body Work
  • Prayer & Meditation
  • Connection With Earth/Nature

Each person has portals that empower and support them more than others. Which of these portals/doorways best help you tap into your soul messages?

Learn more about my passion for story-tending in this podcast : Episode 1 – Meet Donna May.

I invite you to stay connected, to email or post questions and/or areas of interest related to depth psychology and psyche that you would like more information on/about.

For those of you who want to sign up for my email list and/or Psyche’s Call Writing Prompts, you can find the links to the right.

Keep dreaming, writing and creating….Blessings, D


13 thoughts on “Welcome!

    • Ruth Ellen, thanks for coming to visit my new website. I look forward to sharing more each week on Psyche’s Call and the various portals to access her from within!

      • Hi Linda! Thanks for your interest in Psyche’s Call. There is a place to sign up for my email and receive daily Psyche’s Call Writing Prompts, great for inspiration and opening portals of imagination. I also have a link for general email…Blessings, D

  1. Oh, Donna – this is just so delicious!!! I love the color palette you’ve chosen, your gorgeous header, and the warm welcoming message…. it’s just YOU through and through!!! <3 deb

  2. I love your daily writing prompts..your classes stimulate deep work that bubbles up in the writing and art prompts. Heeding Psyche’s Call is to listen to the messages that come from within..to allow and not to judge and to find joy in every moment, task and breath.

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