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Dive Deep With Your Pen!


Well n depth

There is a deep inner well within you. Let your pen help you discover all that resides within you. Heed Psyche’s Call! If you haven’t already done so, I invite you to sign up for my free writing prompts today!

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What in the Hell is a Story Tending Circle?

“What the hell is a Story Tending Circle?”

That was the question that popped up in the comments section of my Facebook page (Donna May, Story Tender) when I announced my first Story Tending Circle in Yreka. After twenty years of doing Psyche’s work with others, I finally had found an exciting vehicle for offering valuable information and experiences to you – without you having to spend a large amount of time (or money).  The prior Story Tending Circles (STC) in Etna had been a powerful and transformational for participants and I am still getting rave reviews from people like you who had attended.

After my first startled reaction to the Face Book query, I became grateful that someone had the courage to ask. After all, I had developed a name and process that no one had heard of before!  The curiosity of my Face Book friend has given me the opportunity to explain to them – and you – how and why the Story Tending Circles are so valuable.

As mentioned above, Story Tending Circles are a compilation of over two decades of writing, research, counseling, teaching and workshop facilitations. I have taken the best, most powerful, aspects of each area of expertise and created a program that allows you to discover, deepen and dedicate yourself to Psyche’s call for you. Your ability to do this will help you live a more authentic life in all areas:  better relationships, clarity of purpose, finding and committing to your right work, and a deeper relationship with your true creative spirit. The Story Tending Circles create a tremendous alchemical stew that is nourishing to all those who partake in them.

Here’s what is “cooking” in the Story Tending Circles:

1 Part Education – You learn more about the power of dreams, writing and story to open and deepen your relationships to yourself and others. This dive into the unconscious, helps you recognize those parts within you that swim below the surface and drive your beliefs and behaviors.

2 Parts Direct Experience – Through various exercises and creative projects, you will be able to tap into and tend your dreams, writings, and images that lie within. These exercises give you a direct pipeline to your own experience and a way to begin to know and honor these experiences. You will also begin to have a deeper understanding of your own story and how this informs your life.

A Cup of safety, respect and mindfulness – As with all my classes, groups and workshops, all Story Tending Circle participants agree to some basic Group Agreements. These agreements have to do with respect: anonymity and confidentiality, voluntary participation in all activities and experiences, no cross talk or fixing of others, and more. These agreements keep everyone feeling safe, respected, heard and focused on themselves (and not others).

Two Parts Sharing & Listening – Key ingredients of each circle, sharing and listening are important to developing a rich and embodied experience for you and others. This element helps you to be able to discover, deepen, and dedicate yourself more fully to hearing Psyche’s call. Synchronistic experiences among participants are common!

I hope this helps you understand a little more about what a Story Tending Circle is and how it can be helpful and meaningful to you. I am so excited about what is cooking in these circles! They are a rich alchemical stew allowing for profound insight and personal change.

If you find yourself still reading and getting excited by all the possibilities possible through participation in a Story Tending Circle, I invite you to sign up for my Psyche’s Call email list (email me at My goal is to reach as many people as I can and I will continue to add to both my in-person and on-line Story Tending Circle events throughout 2014. I also am offering individual Story and Dream Tending Sessions via Skype to persons around the world.

I hope you to see you at a Story Tending Circle event soon. In the meantime, please keep tending your dreams and stories — and honoring YOU!