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My name is Donna May and I am a therapist, consultant, educator and author of the upcoming book “Psyche’s Call: Putting the Soul Back into Psychology.” I am passionate about my work with individuals like yourself who are yearning for a pure experience and understanding of what psyche’s call is for you.

I counsel, consult, teach and facilitate sessions, groups, classes and workshops to help you get in touch with your most authentic Self. This past year, I have deepened my commitment to this kind of work. I began offering online individual consultations, workshops and courses, as well as the new Psyche Salon, where you can hangout with me and others on their soul journey. In addition, I send out Psyche’s Call Writing Prompts every day all over the world (this is free; click on the tab above to sign up for these prompts).

I am no longer interested in trying to figure out what is wrong with you or others;  however,  I am very interested in listening and tending your internal dreams, imaginings, and creative impulses as you explore, discover, and uncover various part of yourself.

One of the things I am best at (or so I am told) is my ability to hold a sacred and safe place for you to explore your dreams, images, creativity. I will support and guide you in going deeper. As one person recently explained it: “I come here because you won’t tell me I am crazy. You support what my soul is trying to say, what I am meant to do for me.”

I have been offering individual consultations, groups, classes and workshops using various depth psychology tools for well over a decade. I got my masters degree in counseling psychology with an emphasis on depth psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute in 1996. I did my thesis work on the healing properties of writing and story in treatment of trauma and abuse and have held numerous workshops on writing as a way, a portal, to health and transformation since 1994. I also have extensive training in Dream Tending and have incorporated the fundamentals of this method in my therapy work with clients, as well as my consultation and workshop facilitations. Since 2011 I have been offering Soul Callings Workshops in the Mt. Shasta area. These workshops have been extremely powerful and participants find them highly helpful and transformative. One of my main goals is to expand the number of people I can share these workshops with by taking these workshops online in 2014. These experiential workshops include the tools, the portals, of dreams, active imagination, art, writing and music.

I invite you to stay in touch, either by returning here to read my posts and/or via signing up for one or more of my email lists. I support you and your soul’s journey…Blessings, D.

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    • Thank you Tatiana! Will look forward to your feedback on the book. I welcome you to come back here often as I continue to grow this website. Blessings, D

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